Everything you need to know about the Sworn Translation

sworn translation

What is the sworn translation?

The sworn translation is the translation of official documents by a translator accredited for this purpose. It occurs in paper and must contain the seal, signature and formula fedataria of the sworn translator.

And that what means?

A certified translation of any document can be, but in general it is administrative, commercial, academic, documents etc. issued in a country that must be made before an administration or institution in another country.

We can be, for example, with documents as diverse as birth certificates, notarized certificates, extracts from the commercial register, annual financial reports or academic records.

Often, these documents include Apostilles, which may appear in multiple languages or in the original only. Apostilles confirm the authenticity of the signature or stamp of documents, not its content. If the document includes an Apostille, this also should be translated. It is the responsibility of customer to know if you need that your document is apostil led or not.

In which languages you can perform translations?

They can be made between any official language both in Spain and abroad, e.g. in Spain could require a translation between Spanish and any of the co-official languages (Basque, Catalan, Galician) or Spanish and French, Chinese, etc.

And should be carried out by a sworn translator?

The sworn translator has the legal powers necessary to certify, with its stamp and signature, that delivered translation is faithful and in conformity with the original document. Thus, all sworn translation will have the same legal validity as the original document.

In Spain, the entity that regulates sworn as well as to the sworn translations is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation (MAEC). This has a list updated frequently all authorized translators for this kind of translations. Each translator has a personal stamp with his name and the number of sworn translator, language for which it is accredited.

In the framework of this provision, confidentiality is a crucial element that the translator must respect.

What is a certified translation?

certified translation

Must be submitted on paper (the electronic format is not valid) and laws require that printed and seal a copy of the original document that has been translated (document) and submit together with the translation.

In terms of content, it should be noted that all the elements of the original document should appear in the translated text. If signatures or seals, they can be copied but that indicate their presence. If in the scanned document there is an area that doesn’t look right, or the text is cut, the translator/interpreter shall indicate it (and will not attempt to decipher).

To facilitate reading and comparison of the translated document, sworn translation usually keep the same format, although sometimes it is not possible.

How much does it cost?

Sworn translations rates tend to be higher than normal or not sworn translation and even can seem expensive. But we must bear in mind that it is a kind of translation done by a translator specialized in the matter, who affixed his seal and sign not only certifies the faithfulness of the text but that accepts additional legal liability. In addition, required the printing and shipping by courier or postal mail.

I need a certified translation: what do I do?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that an always sworn translation will need more management time than a normal translation, since it should be delivered on paper. Find out what you need: which institution will be the translation, if needed to having Apostle or not, etc.

Make sure that the Agency with which you contact has the appropriate translators to translate your documents. You can ask us and we will send you a free quote.

Sends scanned with the highest quality possible to the sworn translator (it is not necessary to send the original documents since the translator always printed and will seal a copy of the document that receives and take as original).

The translator will perform the translation, shall include a certification at the end, will print it, sign and stamp and we will send it to you in the shortest time possible.

If you need a certified translation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have translators, sworn in more than 20 language combinations.