How to Request a Quote for a Certified Translation?

Increasingly, people who need the services of a translator to translate your documents. If this is your case, please continue reading this article, since we will try to clarify the basic steps to be performed to request a quote for translation.

To begin with, we must stress that given the increasing number of international movements, they are more and more students and professionals interested in requesting a translation of their documents for the first time. Well, the steps are very simple.

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First, contact us through the means of communication that will be easier, whether by Internet, by telephone, or by coming personally to any of our offices (Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Cadiz, Barcelona) to which we will be delighted to attend your needs and advise you personally.

Put in contact once, is very important for the next step. To assess what type of text is, is required to view this document. It is not necessary to be the original, if the quality of text (photocopy, fax, or scan) is good. Therefore, you can send us the document scanning to an e-mail either, you can go to one of our offices and it escanearemos us personally. We are aware that it is often difficult to make private and personal documents, but if not, we can not provide the correct budget. In addition, we assure you that we are by the organic law 15/99, of protection of Personal character data, so you can trust that your documentation is in good hands.

Then, after examining the document by our professionals, we will provide the budget, always with the most competitive price possible, thinking of our customers at all times. Once accepted the budget and received proof of payment, the next step is the translation process of your document by our sworn translators specialized, within the period established between the company and the conditions of the customer.

Finally, tell us how you prefer to receive your translation (local courier, express mail, or gather personally in our office). We will provide you with your documents in the way that best suits your needs.
we have a wide experience in the world of translation, in which we work with texts of all kinds every day. If you need a translation because it is sworn or not, contact us and we will help you and we will advise you in the best possible way. Our professionals will do a perfect job with your documents and you will be completely satisfied.