The Host of Trading Spaces is Doing Nowadays

The Host of Trading Spaces is Doing Nowadays


Back before HGTV ruled the home redesign space, TLC scored an immense hit with, the show where neighbors inactively wrecked (otherwise known as “refurbished”) a room in each other’s homes with the assistance of professional fashioners.


It was the year 2000, and it was a period when TLC appeared to even now be endeavoring to satisfy its full namesake, The Learning Channel, which is to state Trading Spaces was well before the current lineup of progressively sketchy reality programming. One of the key components to the achievement of Trading Spaces was the affability of spritely have Paige Davis, who appeared in the second season after the first host, Alex McLeod, split for a gig at Joe Millionaire.


Awesome approach that one, huh?


Anyway, Davis helmed the show amid some of its best a long time between 2001-2005, and afterward for the last season in 2008, when they understood going hostless simply wasn’t working. With the declaration that TLC is bringing the arrangement in 2018, fans are anxious to check whether Davis will return for the patch up. It’s been about 10 years since she helped facilitate the agony of candidates discovering their piece party amigos just wilderness themed their room. All in all, what has she been up to every one of these years?


In the event that it ain’t broke, don’t settle it, isn’t that so? Since Davis had such extraordinary accomplishment in the facilitating seat—especially in the home style sort—the most normal following stage subsequent to Trading Spaces was to simply continue doing that elsewhere. Which she did all the while for both Home Made Simple, which was individually organize, and for Hallmark’s Home and Family.


In spite of the fact that her stretches on the two shows were fleeting, Home Made Simple was the more characteristic fit, including the clear home remodel/overhaul organize that Davis was utilized to.


Home and Family had its offer of DIY and style fragments, however it was to a greater degree a daytime visit demonstrate that place Davis in the position of interviewing individuals. Some saw this as an unbalanced fit and recommended it was furtively the reason she cleared out the show, yet the system credited Davis’ exit to missing family time.


“After much idea and watchful thought, and after near three months from her own particular home and family, Paige has chosen to briefly come back to New York. We profoundly value the commitment Paige made to ‘Home and Family’ and for the glow and ability she conveyed to the set every day,” the system proclamation read, as per Screener. On the off chance that she really got the boot, that is the most delightful pink slip we’ve ever observed.