Dominion of Craptastica

The Dominion of Craptastica is an enormous, earth shocking country, managed by Soda Popinski with an even hand, and outstanding for its multi-spousal wedding functions, national wellbeing administration, and contemptuousness towards religion. The obstinate populace of 5.386 billion have some social liberties, yet not very many, appreciate the flexibility to spend their cash anyway they like, to a point, and participate in free and open races, in spite of the fact that not very frequently.

The moderately little government juggles the contending requests of Education, Defense, and Healthcare. It meets to talk about issues of state in the capital city of Andlandia. The normal wage charge rate is 44.2%, yet significantly higher for the well off.

The startlingly effective Craptastican economy, worth an astounding 1,109 trillion Craps per year, is genuinely enhanced and driven by the Tourism business, with critical commitments from Information Technology, Book Publishing, and Arms Manufacturing. State-possessed organizations are normal. Normal wage is an astonishing 205,922 Craps, and disseminated amazingly equitably, with little distinction between the wealthiest and poorest residents.

Humiliated cops wear spandex and convey net firearms, billions of Craps are being filled a space program, for only a couple of additional Craps Craptasticans can get new driving records with their new autos, and seekers have been known to lose appendages while endeavoring to ‘play tag’ with their prey. Wrongdoing is absolutely obscure. Craptastica’s national creature is the Baby Harp Seal, which is additionally the country’s most loved fundamental course.