15 keys to work intelligently and achieve better results

How to work intelligently

You have a thousand things to do and the day does not reach you for nothing? You work really hard, but you are not getting the results that you expect? At the end of your working day you’re tired and frustrated because you feel that you are not moving?

The vast majority of us, we become accustomed to work under routines and paradigms created in the industrial era. We believe that working hard and relentlessly will guarantee success, but the truth is that on hard work alone is not enough.

If you want to change your way of working, you agree then with 15 keys that will help you to work intelligently to achieve more results with less wear.

How to work intelligently

1 It works with focus

The first thing you should do to see tangible results of your daily effort, is to define clear objectives and purpose that guide your actions. Smart work means work for goals and objectives, not by hours. The world is full of people going nowhere fast.

When you work without an approach to clear what you want to achieve, it is likely that you feel tired, frustrated and stressed to not feel that you are moving in your life.

Work hard only makes sense if you’re working on the right thing. But what is the right thing? Everything is that will help achieve your goals and your purpose in life.

Begin by establishing what is this great purpose that you want to develop in your life, what is the legacy you want to leave this world, how you want to make this world a better place. Having a purpose in which focus, you can determine what you must do to achieve this.

2: Avoid distractions

We are in an era in which we have plenty of distractions at hand that we cost more than we think.

Did you know that receive an email or a call while we concentrate can cost us up to 15 minutes of productivity?

That is just one example of the many ways in which distractions affect our performance at work. In this graphics you can see top 10 thieves of time, according to a study conducted by Office Time.

Another great enemy of your productivity is procrastination. If you can do something in less than two minutes, then do it! If a task is too complex and requires much effort, devote yourself to it in the early hours of the day, which is when you have more energy. Leaves accumulate tasks that end up distracting you and steal your concentration, preventing you from getting the results you expect.

3: Make to-do lists

It is a simple, but powerful technique of productivity used by successful entrepreneurs. Having a defined list of tasks that you must perform to achieve the targets you’ve set, you can organize them and distinguish between what is urgent and what is important. In addition, thanks to your task list can have a clearer notion of what you take longer, which can delegate, etc.

Another benefit of this list is that you will serve as a reference to track your performance, allowing you to see at the end of the day, the week or the month, what tasks have you done and you progress towards your goals. It is a great way to self-motivate.

4: Set Priorities

One of the most important principles of intelligent work is putting the important thing to the urgent. After making your task list, organize them taking into account factors like the benefit that you generate, contribute to the achievement of your goals and importance.

The vast majority of people never have time for the important things, because every day they spend resolving the urgent things.

5: Assign times for the different activities of the day

According to the Law of Parkinson’s “work expands to fill the time available that it is over”. This means that if you have only 5 minutes to make a presentation, you’ll finish it in 5 minutes, may not be 100% perfect, but you’re going to do. But if you have 2 months to make the same presentation, going to take 2 months to finish it.

Assigns to each task a time limit for this purpose according to the importance of it, thus you will avoid wear you out with little relevant tasks and will have more time and energy to move forward in achieving your goals.

6: Get first the most important tasks or who require higher energy

If in the early hours of your day to make the most important tasks or the most draining, you’ll have a sense of satisfaction that will accompany you for the rest of the day.

Maybe at the end of the day you have not finished all the tasks that you have scheduled, but work in this way will ensure that you have complied with the most important thing you should do.

7: Apply the Pareto law

The Pareto law (also known as the 80/20 rule) States that “80% of consequences stem from 20% of the causes.”

From the point of view of productivity, you should identify what is that 20% of the activities that produce 80% of the results to you. Focus on that 20% to get significant improvements in your performance.

8: Learn to say NO

Say “Yes” to everything (to not seem selfish or want to please), it is really exhausting and brings more problems than benefits, especially when you are undertaking and you need to focus on strengthening your business.

Do not say “maybe” when you don’t want to do. Do not say “of soon” when you know that the answer is NO.

9:If you can delegate, do it!

Once you organize your work, you’ll see that there are many activities that do not necessarily have to be made for you. Take care of the strategic part and delegates the operational part, so your business model will be ready to scale in a sustainable manner.

To delegate successfully keep in mind these 3 keys:

Works with the best: Make sure you have trained people, of confidence on your side and who are really committed to the Mission of your business.

Empowers your team: “It makes no sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do.” -Steve Jobs. If you choose well your team people, must provide the information and tools to do their work without drawbacks or limitations, otherwise you’ll keep being a barrier to the growth of your own business.

Standardizes: Create formats, standards and protocols that serve as a reference to your team when it comes to his work, but he avoids falling into the error of “bureaucratized” in your business processes.

If you do not have your office workers, you can outsource the operational work with freelance workers. On the Internet you will find designers, writers, virtual assistants and an infinite number of freelancers willing to take care of the work at reasonable prices.

10: Leverages the technology

Today we have hundreds of apps and tools created to help us organize and optimize our work, then the truth would be a waste not to take advantage of them.

Here are 10 tools to be more productive. If you know any other tool of productivity that has been useful to you, please don’t hesitate to share it.

11: Put to Work your Money

It invests to create assets that generate you revenue without having to be physically working in them. This type of income is known as “passive income”.

Some examples of passive income that you can create:

  •     Receive dividends by owning shares of companies
  •     Having a home or commercial property for rent
  •     Charge copyright or royalties for any invention or artistic creation
  •     Sale of infoproduct using digital tools
  •     Being a business owner
  •     Record a course and sell it on online platforms

As you can see, creating a passive income requires a big investment of time, effort or money, but once ready, will allow you to even “earn money while you sleep”.

12: Plans and display

It is false that things go better when they are not planned. While it is true that there are several factors which do not depend on us, it is also true that being organized in your way of working will allow you to reduce the uncertainty and to optimize your performance.

A good tip to make planning easier for you, is to use visual thinking tools (Visual Thinking). In addition, view positively the results of the work that you do, you will filled with motivation to do it.

13: It rests properly

After some time doing an activity, it is likely that you feel that you distracted more easily and you begin to feel anxiety by not moving as you wanted.

There are various productivity techniques that combine hard work with pauses to rest. One of the best known is the Pomodoro technique, which consists of dividing the work in intervals of 25 minutes (called “pomodoros”) separated by breaks of 5 minutes. Every 4 pomodoros take a longer break, about 20 or 30 minutes.

The ideal is that you find your own pace of work, but always including breaks to ensure that you’re being really productive. Remember that it is not how many hours you work, but what results they are getting.

It is also important that you sleep enough. If your body and your mind are tired, you will hardly be able to be productive in your work.

14: it turns your work into challenges

A great tip to take your productivity to new levels and have fun in the process, is to convert your activities in challenges to be overcome.

You can use elements like the amount of time spent on the task, the amount produced in a given time interval, perform the task with the non-dominant hand (at the beginning it will bring little directly to your productivity, but will help you to enhance your creativity, develop skills and create neural networks), etc. The idea is to be creative and exploit all your production capacity.

You can also establish a reward system for when you pass your challenges, that make it even more fun and will help you to motivate you.

15: Be Disciplined

Change your way of working means redefining your habits and change your mindset completely. It is not easy. That is why you have to be disciplined in the implementation of each of the points mentioned here. Once you get used to work intelligently, you will get significant improvements in your productivity.

Finally, I would like to recommend the book “La week labor of 4 hours”, written by Timothy Ferris. In it you will find tools and techniques of productivity that will help you to break paradigms about the way in which we work.

Productivity technique or what other advice you have been given results? Remember to leave your comments and contributions on this topic.

Key To Train a Bobtail

Key to train a bobtail

The bobtail, also called old English Shepherd is a dog of charming appearance, whose messy fur and docile personality make him a loyal and friendly, loving children and loving companion with the family.

Training is crucial to ensure harmonious coexistence with any dog, not only the bobtail. Although it is a cheerful and playful breed, this does not mean that teach them the rules is difficult, because in the past these dogs were trained to be Sheepdogs. Keep reading this article of ExpertoAnimal and discover what are the keys to train a bobtail.

Be consistent

At the time of training the bobtail, should be clear in the rules from the beginning. To be as loving and playful, it is normal to want to be all the time with humans, even in situations that are not you welcome, like being on the bed or furniture.

To avoid undesired attitudes, from the first day that the bobtail comes home it is essential to be firm about what are the spaces that can be accessed and which are not. The loud scolding and violence are not necessary, simply remove the animal where it should not be, or let you know you do not like what it does with a firm “No!”. If you opt for the punishment must bear in mind that the result will be a dog fearful, insecure and, even, aggressive. Ideally, always, is to make use of positive reinforcement animal closely education with pleasant stimuli, and not otherwise.

The rules should be applied for you and all the members of the family, since otherwise only they confounded the dog and rooted in the behaviors that are not welcome.

Exercise and training of the bobtail

The old English shepherds love exercise and have lots of energy, but also are quickly distracted if activities bored them. For this reason, it is better prepare a short duration exercise routine each, about 10-15 minutes approximately, which prompted the commands that must accompany each action clearly.

Before delve into the training of the bobtail, however, it is advisable to socialize him properly. Although it is a sociable and affectionate dog, you must make to interact with people and other animals from puppy that you learn to interact properly with all of them. Also, don’t forget to teach you, too, where you must make your needs. Remember that the bobtail cannot start their first outings until you have all implemented mandatory immunizations. From 6 months of age, already you can start working the various commands with it.

For the bobtail follow orders is very simple, so basic commands such as “sit”, “still”, and “see” you will learn them very fast. It accompanies the order of action you want to perform guiding it gently with your hands if necessary. Will take it several days to learn an order, and when you’ve done it can pass to another, without forgetting the reinforcement of what has already been learned. Check out our article on the basic commands for dogs and practice them with your bobtail.

It is ideal to develop a routine of exercise 3 to 4 times a week. In each various orders, about 3 learn maximum per day, interspersed with moments of game so the dog does not get bored. Short entertaining sessions will achieve better results than those long and repetitive.

Training is best done at home and not in a park, in the presence of other people and animals will quickly distract the bobtail. Once internalized orders, if you can put them into practice in different spaces to the end of them understand. By other side, exercise and games, outside of the hours of training, it is recommended to carry them out away from home, so the dog breathe fresh air and to have fun exploring new things.
The promenade of the bobtail

Being a large dog, know how to walk correctly with the dog is essential to avoid, when you reach adulthood, problems such as belt pulls. To do this, keep in mind the following recommendations, also applicable to longer adult:

Use the right collar, avoiding those that could jeopardize the health of the animal. In this sense, if your can tend to pull the strap, you choose to harness anti-pulling.
Walk in a relaxed way, without pulling the belt and letting it olisquee and urinate calmly. Whenever you want to turn or change direction, it is preferable to indicate it is the voice, calling him or giving the command “come”.
Uses a belt with certain length to carry it a little loose, providing more freedom to the animal. Expandable straps are not recommended.
Bring prizes to reinforce good behavior and to get rides to be a positive experience for both.

Installation and Sales Gutters Madison WI

gutters madison

The channeling of rainwater that falls on the roof is essential to avoid possible damage to the buildings. This role of the various types of gutters that exist in the market, but not all provide the same advantages to us. In we have the channel more suitable and with best results you will find. Continuous aluminum or seamless gutter channels the Agustin that occur leak or loss of water and this is because their manufacturing is done walk installation and in sections without joints as long as you need to the eaves of the building.

Company is dedicated to manufacture aluminum that are made our own gutters. Our products both guttering and down pipes aluminum is top quality and manufactured in the European Community with all European and international standards of safety and quality.

Aluminum with which we are working is of first fusion and lacquerware has qualities of manufacturing that make it resistant to corrosion. Because of this, our gutters are distributed throughout Europe.

Installation of gutters in Madrid

After years of activity and recognition by our customers as a reference brand in the market, we can say that our gutters are the best solution for the drainage of water from our roofs. The advantages of our gutters against other more economical not only lies in the quality of the product, a list of advantages that have made us leaders in the field are:

The great variety of models and colours that make that they are integrated into its facade in an aesthetic way.

  •     An quick installation and walk to work.
  •     A manufacturing on-site and tailored to the eaves, without joints that produce leaks over time.
  •     The best value for money which you can find in the market.
  •     Professional advice and tailored to your needs.
  •     We finance the installation of a flexible and comfortable way.
  •     We offer a 20 year warranty on all our products which can be requested once the installation and we will send you by mail.

Installers of gutter in Madrid

At Company we work with many installers in the community of Madrid , if you want us to put you in touch with some of them just fill out the following form and we will put you in touch with the nearest Installer. The process of assembling our gutter guards madison wi this perfectly designed so they can be installed easily and works and to ensure a pipeline and a perfect sealing.

Our gutter terminations are assembled prior to its installation in the eaves and are perfected through a treatment of sealing waterproofing to ensure the product is completely watertight.

Corners, whether exterior or interior, are resolved through the miters that envelop the two sections and reinforce their union before receiving the same waterproofing treatment to births and terminations.

A wide range of fixings for spout allow versatilizar and adapt the gutters perfectly to any type of construction, ensuring necessary solidity and robustness, cuidadno always to achieve the greatest possible aesthetic inadmissibly.

Optional accessories such as Canal pick, high strength stainless steel rods designed to prevent birds nesting. Or Augured, to avoid the atranco of gutters, is an accessory made of aluminum, light to not overload the spout. Installs quickly without works and even already placed spout.

Births are inserted in the bottom of the gutter which in turn go sausages into the downspout, thus assuring water leakage.

The union of lengths of downspout is simple and quick, always inlaying the top into the bottom piece and eliminating the appearance of uncomfortable and cost sass repairs caused by loss of water.

If necessary several types of elbows and deviations are available to easily channel drain jasta desired location, always using the same system of drawing of downspouts.

Why install gutters on your home

During recent years the rain in Madrid, although in some rare cases, have been more violent and have downloaded more water in less time. This can be a problem if we don’t have a good system of gutters. An installation must be perfectly executed and must be carried out maintenance that allows that the gutters well evacuate the water. If it doesn’t you may have moisture problems in its facade.

The installation of guttering on housing is mainly to protect the foundations of the House taking and channeling rainwater away from the base of the building, thus avoiding possible leaks to basements as well as protect the linings of all sides of the building and prevent the deterioration of these. Also have a system of gutters in the housing offers the possibility of storing this rain water for later use as irrigation water for example. We also have a system for collecting these water called Echogram.


Spout of aluminum Can alum is the perfect alternative to forget problems with gutters. Our system provides a true seal that prevents leaks and we put it to the test with the 20 year warranty we offer.

How to Request a Quote for a Certified Translation?

Increasingly, people who need the services of a translator to translate your documents. If this is your case, please continue reading this article, since we will try to clarify the basic steps to be performed to request a quote for translation.

To begin with, we must stress that given the increasing number of international movements, they are more and more students and professionals interested in requesting a translation of their documents for the first time. Well, the steps are very simple.

translation services

First, contact us through the means of communication that will be easier, whether by Internet, by telephone, or by coming personally to any of our offices (Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Cadiz, Barcelona) to which we will be delighted to attend your needs and advise you personally.

Put in contact once, is very important for the next step. To assess what type of text is, is required to view this document. It is not necessary to be the original, if the quality of text (photocopy, fax, or scan) is good. Therefore, you can send us the document scanning to an e-mail either, you can go to one of our offices and it escanearemos us personally. We are aware that it is often difficult to make private and personal documents, but if not, we can not provide the correct budget. In addition, we assure you that we are by the organic law 15/99, of protection of Personal character data, so you can trust that your documentation is in good hands.

Then, after examining the document by our professionals, we will provide the budget, always with the most competitive price possible, thinking of our customers at all times. Once accepted the budget and received proof of payment, the next step is the translation process of your document by our sworn translators specialized, within the period established between the company and the conditions of the customer.

Finally, tell us how you prefer to receive your translation (local courier, express mail, or gather personally in our office). We will provide you with your documents in the way that best suits your needs.
we have a wide experience in the world of translation, in which we work with texts of all kinds every day. If you need a translation because it is sworn or not, contact us and we will help you and we will advise you in the best possible way. Our professionals will do a perfect job with your documents and you will be completely satisfied.

Everything you need to know about the Sworn Translation

sworn translation

What is the sworn translation?

The sworn translation is the translation of official documents by a translator accredited for this purpose. It occurs in paper and must contain the seal, signature and formula fedataria of the sworn translator.

And that what means?

A certified translation of any document can be, but in general it is administrative, commercial, academic, documents etc. issued in a country that must be made before an administration or institution in another country.

We can be, for example, with documents as diverse as birth certificates, notarized certificates, extracts from the commercial register, annual financial reports or academic records.

Often, these documents include Apostilles, which may appear in multiple languages or in the original only. Apostilles confirm the authenticity of the signature or stamp of documents, not its content. If the document includes an Apostille, this also should be translated. It is the responsibility of customer to know if you need that your document is apostil led or not.

In which languages you can perform translations?

They can be made between any official language both in Spain and abroad, e.g. in Spain could require a translation between Spanish and any of the co-official languages (Basque, Catalan, Galician) or Spanish and French, Chinese, etc.

And should be carried out by a sworn translator?

The sworn translator has the legal powers necessary to certify, with its stamp and signature, that delivered translation is faithful and in conformity with the original document. Thus, all sworn translation will have the same legal validity as the original document.

In Spain, the entity that regulates sworn as well as to the sworn translations is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation (MAEC). This has a list updated frequently all authorized translators for this kind of translations. Each translator has a personal stamp with his name and the number of sworn translator, language for which it is accredited.

In the framework of this provision, confidentiality is a crucial element that the translator must respect.

What is a certified translation?

certified translation

Must be submitted on paper (the electronic format is not valid) and laws require that printed and seal a copy of the original document that has been translated (document) and submit together with the translation.

In terms of content, it should be noted that all the elements of the original document should appear in the translated text. If signatures or seals, they can be copied but that indicate their presence. If in the scanned document there is an area that doesn’t look right, or the text is cut, the translator/interpreter shall indicate it (and will not attempt to decipher).

To facilitate reading and comparison of the translated document, sworn translation usually keep the same format, although sometimes it is not possible.

How much does it cost?

Sworn translations rates tend to be higher than normal or not sworn translation and even can seem expensive. But we must bear in mind that it is a kind of translation done by a translator specialized in the matter, who affixed his seal and sign not only certifies the faithfulness of the text but that accepts additional legal liability. In addition, required the printing and shipping by courier or postal mail.

I need a certified translation: what do I do?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that an always sworn translation will need more management time than a normal translation, since it should be delivered on paper. Find out what you need: which institution will be the translation, if needed to having Apostle or not, etc.

Make sure that the Agency with which you contact has the appropriate translators to translate your documents. You can ask us and we will send you a free quote.

Sends scanned with the highest quality possible to the sworn translator (it is not necessary to send the original documents since the translator always printed and will seal a copy of the document that receives and take as original).

The translator will perform the translation, shall include a certification at the end, will print it, sign and stamp and we will send it to you in the shortest time possible.

If you need a certified translation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have translators, sworn in more than 20 language combinations.